Thursday, November 8, 2012

((Spoilers)) Wreck-It Ralph themed vocabulary studying.

This week, I chose to do sentences inspired by Disney's newest animated feature.

Affinity- relationship by marriage

Jane Lynch's character and Fix-It Felix develope an affinity for one another.

Bilious- of or indicative of a peevish ill nature disposition

Ralph went to a support group for other bilious characters.

Cognate- of the same nature

All of the characters living in the Penthouse were cognate in appearance and attitude.

Corollary- A proposition inferred Immediately from a proved proposition with little or no additional proof

Ralph received a corollary from the people in the penthouse that he would be accepted if only he won a medal.

Cul-de-sac - a pouch

The medal's room was a cul-de-sac of evil bug robot eggs ready to hatch.

Derring-do- a daring action

Ralph's choice to enter Hero's Duty was his greatest derring-do to date.

Divination- The art or practice that seeks to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge due to the interpretation of omens

No divination could have predicted Vanillope's role in her game.

Elixir- A substance capable of prolonging life indefinitely

In video games, sometimes there is an elixir available to extend your abilities.

Folderol- a useless accessory

Ralph's medal was a folderol and it was not what made him happy in the end.

Gamut- an entire range or series

Disney had been failing in the animation gamut until they unearthed this gem. 

Hoi polloi- the General populace

The hoi polloi of Sugar Rush were entirely edible.

Ineffable- incapable of being expressed in words

Ralph and Vanillope's affection was ineffable, as the two were inseparable. 

Lucubration- to study by night

Through a montage of lucubration, Vanillope learned to drive so she could race.

Mnemonic- intended to assist memory

The king used hacking to change the mnemonic ability of the people in Sugar Rush.

Obloquy- abusive language

The racers spat obloquy at the assumed glitch.

Parameter- an independent variable used to express the coordinates of variable point and functions of them

They used Vanillope as the parameter of the race.

Pundit- a learned man

King Candy was one of the only pundits in Sugar Rush.

Risible- provoking laughter

There were many risible moments for the audience in this movie.

Symptomatic- having the characteristics of a certain disease but arising of a different cause

She was symptomatic of being a glitch, but was not.

Volte-face- a reversal in policy

Sugar Rush had a volte-face when their memory was returned.

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  1. A) I like how you related this to wreck it Ralph...very creative :)

    B) Charles Dickens wrote many Christmas stories, why do you think a Christmas Carol above the others has become such an important American icon?

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