Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hamlet PLN

This guy is actually reviewing a book that was written by ANOTHER guy about Hamlet's religious references (among other things.)

This is a teacher from a school (Azusa Pacific) I'm looking at for after Junior College. He's apparently doing research in regards to this topic and developing course material on Shakespeare.

Also, at Azusa, they have Shakespeare classes from a theatrical perspective! Yay!

This is all I have found that sparks my interest so far.

And now, on to grander things!


  1. LOL even your blog text captures you humor/tone of voice from real life Beka. I agree with your interest in seeing it as though it is pretty well composed as far as a cursory glance provides that is :)

    "And now, on to grander things!"

  2. And grander things did come! right??? Great Links, Beka