Thursday, November 8, 2012

In Case You Missed It.

The guy from the assembly started off by saying these were his goals for the meeting:

1. prepare us for graduation
2. measure us for cap and gown
3. show us all of our options

IF YOU WERE NOT AT THE ASSEMBLY YOU CAN PICK UP ORDER FORMS IN THE BUSINESS OFFICE. He said he would leave extras there. I'm not sure if he followed through, someone will have to let us know.

Thursday the 15th in the Career Center is grad order day. We will be going during our English class, and he will be there until lunch. Rescheduling for sizing is available if you go in to talk to this guy on Thursday.

He said to bring the total amount you are willing to pay or $60.00. He also mentioned being able to make payments and use different ways to pay such as credit, check, etc.

For measuring gowns, he need your exact height, weight and whether you want a male or female gown.

The senior package consists of the top 10 purchased items. It contains graduation announcements (those things you send out to get nice things in return), class of 2013 paraphernalia such as your choice of hoodie and t-shirt. There's a catalog of things you can get. The only thing you CAN'T get is sweat pants, but you can order those separately. This deal is what they're attempting to sell to us, but it actually costs close to $200.

Here are some other "deals" available.

If you buy the senior package (the nearly $200 one), cap and gown is free.
If you do not, to order individually is $33.41 which actually is more like $44 dollars when shipping and stuff is added. It's cheaper if you don't buy the gown, but you should totes buy the gown.

I'm pretty sure that's the gist of what we needed to know. I hope so, because that's literally all that I know. Comment if I missed anything or if you have questions. I don't think I'll be able to answer, but maybe someone else will. K bye!

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