Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Who was Shakespeare?

I'm a notorious theater geek. So, when Shakespeare's name is brought up in ANY way shape or form, I panic. The actor in me screams, "I was never trained for this!" and I start to freak out because I wonder "How will I be able to find my motivation??" and I freak out because I'm Beka, and if I'm good at anything, its freaking out.

The student in me also cringes when they hear Shakespeare, but for different reasons. I think of all the Sparknotes and Wikipedia I will need to use to grasp the most basic of concepts.

However, I think Miss Sarah G may have been the best teacher I've ever had on the subject.With her contributions in class and our conversations outside of, she's been a great helper. It's nice to be in collaborations with people who are passionate about a subject.

Since this week is tech week for John Lennon and Me, its all I can do not to want to fall asleep right this moment.

This may be slightly different from requested, but there was a time last year when I was going on a random Google search about famous bisexuals and homosexuals throughout history (I feel as though every member of LGBT should do this at least once) and found Shakespeare is known for his assumed bisexuality. I'll just link to a few of those website about it now.


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