Monday, October 22, 2012

Mean Girls Vocabulary! Remix, much?

In honor of me getting my ass in gear.

This is something that I've done since the beginning of Sophomore year.

I "remix" my vocabulary by relating each and every single word to the movie that defines my generation.

That's right. I'm talking about Mean Girls. Let the festivities begin!

Abortive: failing to produce the intended result
 Janice Ian's plan to humiliate Regina George was abortive, because she almost lost one of her friends in the process.
Bruit: spread a report or rumor widely
 Karen was known to bruit every juicy piece of gossip she heard.
Contumelious: scornful and insulting behavior
 When the slam book became public, all of the girl's behavior became contumelious and unpredictable.
Dictum: a formal pronouncement from an authoritative source; a short statement that expresses a general truth or principle
 Each girl would step up to the platform and deliver a personal dictum about what they had learned.
Ensconce: establish or settle
 Regina had ensconced a hierarchy of females at the school. 
Iconoclastic: characterized by attack on established beliefs or institutions 
There was an iconoclastic attitude towards other cliques. 
 In medias res: a narrative that begins somewhere in the middle of a story rather than the beginning
 Cady arrived in media res of the the story of Regina George's reign as queen bee.
Internecine: destructive to both sides in a conflict
 The Plastic's relationships to each other were often internecine in times of trial.
Maladroit: ineffective or bungling; clumsy
 The maladroit girl was happy Regina George punched her in the face.
Maudlin: self-pitying or tearfully sentimental, often through drunkenness 
 Gretchen Wieners became maudlin after Regina victimized her.
Modulate: exert a modifying or controlling influence on
 It was easy for Regina to modulate The Plastic's behavior.
Portentous: of or like a portent; done in a pompously or overly solemn manner
 Cady acted portentous as she became more like the Plastics.
Prescience: the power to foresee the future
 Regina was the only one with any prescience to Cady's evolving personality.
Quid pro quo: a favor or advantage granted in return for something 
Cady made a quid pro quo deal that ended with her joining the mathletes.  

Salubrious: health-giving, healthy; pleasant, not run-down
 The salubrious Cady was convinced to join a darker cause.
Saturnalia: the ancient Roman festival of Saturn in December; an occasion of wild revelry
 Cady was able to join the saturnalia after the math competition, where she was able to be crowned queen.
Touchstone: a standard or criterion by which something is judged or recognized 
 The Plastic's talent show performance was always a touchstone for the others.
Traumatic: emotionally disturbing or distressing; relating to or causing psychological trauma
 Getting hit by a bus was traumatic for Regina.
Vitiate: spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of; destroy or impair the legal validity of.
 The friends vitiated Regina's body by feeding her calteen bars.
Waggish: humorous in a playful, mischievous, or facetious manner
Kevin G performed a waggish and jocular rap at the talent show.

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