Monday, October 22, 2012

getting my ass in gear.

I feel like I started out this year so strong.
Now, I'm lucky if I can motivate myself to turn in two thirds of my assignments every week.
 What was it? A feeling that none of it matters? Is it because ive resigned myself to the fact community college is my only option because my mother wont help me with anything else? Is it because AP microeconomics is just way over my head?

This morning a good friend of mine, Mackenzie, saw me sulking to English class and said "Hey, cheer up, English is like your god given talent!"

Oh yeah.

And THEN Preston calling me out on my online laziness in class...It's like the universe is declaring that I need to get my priorities straight.

I've decided im better than half-assed work. Therefore, let today be the day I reinvent myself in every aspect. I'm tired of trudging through opportunities I have. What am I afraid of? I dont think I'm afraid of failing. I'm afraid of succeeding and not knowing what to do afterwords.

But screw that, I'm doing better from now on. It's my choice.


My project for this weekend was a collaborative group with some of my dear friends from this course. There is a link to it on Josh Montero's blog. Here is a link to said blog:

And here is a link to Mackenzie's, in case you are interested anonymous reader. She's absolutely brilliant, so, yeah.

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