Tuesday, October 23, 2012

To Facebook, or not to Facebook? Dude, how do you even Facebook?

Ah, the grand Book of Many Faces. How I have grown in our time together!

Facebook has taken me from the repressed, under confidant age of thirteen up until just a few minutes ago when I heard a beeping on my smart phone that alerted me of my best friend's changed status. He has just finished watching the television program, "Scrubs." Oh how fun! Now, I can comment on how I also enjoy Scrubs and start referring to different episodes.

Oh look! Then others will reply with THEIR favorite Scrubs quotes. These others could be people I don't even know very well. But, hey! They like Scrubs too! Next time I see them at school I might throw a warm smile in their direction. Or I'll call out a quote from the episode they had mentioned. People may wonder what brought such a strange pair of people together.

The answer, of course, besides being a wonderful television series, is Facebook.

THIS is our generation.

Facebook does, of course, monitor us almost as closely as Big Brother. I may see an advertizement or two related to Scrubs on the side of my wall. Or maybe next time I type in the letters "sc" into my web browser perhaps Scrubs will be the very first thing to pop up.

Are there dangers in this? I'm sure there are.

All I've been hearing about this kind of thing lately is that "Oh! you gotta be careful or else this will happen!" and a lot of complaining about how we are not the audience, we are the commodity.

Well, that may be true. But if it is, so what?

This is the way the world works now. I don't hear anyone suggesting how to revamp it. And at this point, you could forsake the internet on the basis that the government or corporations or the boogy man MAY be counting how many times you use the space bar and could file that information into some void think tank of nefarious purposes, or you could look at the positive and see what things like Facebook for what they really are.

A tool.

A toy, sometimes.

But above all, a tool.

Given what I've learned in the course about Facebook this week....will I return to Facebook?

Well honey, I'm still in a battle of wits with aforementioned best friend. Facebook is still open in another tag.

You can check out, but you can never leave!

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