Monday, August 27, 2012

Vocab Sentences and Definitions

Accolade – a ceremonial embrace, an expression of praise
“She received an accolade from her peers in regards to her fine showmanship.”
Acerbity – the quality of being acerbic. Which means sharp or sour in tone, mood, or commentary
“The review had a certain level of acerbity which made the bias very clear.”
sorrow for ones sins; friction; weakening or exhausting due to harassment
“The attrition from the pressure from her parents made her depressed.”
 commonplace or hackneyed
“The comedy was rich with bromide 80’s humor.”
chauvinist- excessive or blind patriotism

“There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your country, but let’s not be chauvinist when we have no right to be.”
Chronic- long lasting without break
“My friend had chronic hiccups, and although it was adorable proved to be a nuisance for her.”
Expound- to set forth
“Beowolf set sail and expound on his journey!”

Factionalism- a party or group mentality that is ultimately self serving
“We see many examples of political factionalism.”

Immaculate- without blemish, perfect
“Her room was in immaculate condition.”
Imprecation- curse
“The family had an imprecation upon them for many generations.”

Ineluctable- not to be avoided
“The IRS is ineluctable.”

Mercurial- rapid or unpredictable mood changes
“She had a mercurial personality disorder.”

to reduce the violence of
“An adult stepped in to palliate the situation.”
Protocol-  rules and methods to be followed
“Royal Family has strict protocol in its camps.”
Resplendent- shining, shimmering, splendid
“The resplendent starts were noticeable in the wilderness.”
Stigmatize- attach a concept to a noun
“Certain groups are stigmatized by their worst members.”
sub rosa- in confidence, secretly
“She exposed her feelings to me sub rosa.”
Vainglory- pride in one’s achievement
“A certain level of vainglory is expected from highly academic students.”
Vestige- a piece of something left behind
“There are vestiges from the Titanic still littering the ocean floor.”
volition- the act of making a choice or decision
“She was put in charge of volition for her club.”

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