Monday, September 3, 2012

A Doll's House by Henric Ibsen

This play is one of the earliest examples of literature that breaks commonly accepted gender steryotypes by challenging the patriarchy of the characters' family.

I just so happened to own a copy of this script. I attempted to read it back in freshman year when my then-drama teacher Mr. P gave it to me. He said that I would really like it, and explained the plot in detail.

He also explained that Ibsen had to rewrite the ending for the Germans, since they found the ending to be insulting and unrealistic. The interesting thing  was that all the ending really involves is a woman walking out on her husband after she had been mistreated.

I've always found this play to be surrounded by intrigue, but its been collecting dust on my bookshelf and had long since been forgotten until I saw it on the reading list. Now, I have incentive to re familiarize myself with it. This is hitting two birds with one stone: Its a classic script, and AP worthy literature.

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