Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Deconstructing Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is one of my favorite movies that I've never read the book of its origin. I chose this because it is very much an epic in a modern sense. It represents a lot of the values that young people have today such as romance, ambition, and being seen as cool.

The call to action in Scott's journey was probably when he first saw Ramona Flowers. He was just living his life in denial, and seeing her, he finally began his quest to win the girl of his dreams. Ramona herself is his spiritual aid, as he sees her call to him in his dreams. His guide could be considered Wallace, his "cool gay room mate" because he is there through every phase of the journey as an observer.

The moment when Scott separates this new self with his old self was when he broke up with Knives, his significantly younger girlfriend, in order to pursue Ramona. This phase is sometimes called "in the belly of the whale."

Scott's road of trials is marked by the task of him having to defeat all seven of Ramona's evil exes. His
"moment with the Goddess" could be every time he spends time with Ramona, when they make out in her bed, when they eat garlic bread, and every time his hair is called shaggy.

The woman who tempts Scott is his ex girlfriend, "Envy" Adams. By the same token, his coming into terms with her breaking his heart also falls into a part of Scott's journey.

The hero's apotheosis is when Scott first dies, and gets a chance to live again knowing what will happen and what needs to be done. This time he is unstoppable, as he reaches the "Boss level" and fights the most evil of the Evil Exes. And wins.

The falling action exists when Knives accepts the relationship Scott now has with Ramona, and Ramona and he step through the door to begin their life together for the second time.

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