Thursday, August 16, 2012

Additional Thoughts on that essay

Thinking we had much more time than we actually did, I accidentally spent a bit too much time thinking of what I was going to write as opposed to actually writing it.

So it goes.

If I had just a bit more time, I would have finished tying my thoughts from the first paragraph into the conclusion. I feel like I got most of my thoughts onto the paper. My essay just seems a bit incomplete because I did not get a chance to summarize it.

After I left, I didn't think much of the essay until I got home. Upon rereading the prompt upon your blog, I thought to myself "It would be nice to read 'Good Old Neon' in order to further grasp what the quote meant." I guess that's a pointless endeavor. Then again, so are most of my adventures. I'll put it on my to-do list.

Anyway, the interruption was most unfortunate. I think it just sort of fried my brain and made me forget a lot of the points I was going to make. It was reminiscent of every fire alarm that has ever gone off at a bad time (and we go to Righetti, so that happens a lot.) I wouldn't ever purposely stop myself in the middle of an essay again. Even when I'm at home, I write it all in one shot. That's just my preference.

Here's some dolphins set to some Sondheim jams. Enjoy!

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