Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Whats in this for me?" (I hate it when I have to use your titles, Dr. Preston. I'm probably going to stop doing that.)

Hello again, bloggians.

I secretly hope we improve our blogging communities, because I like reading what other people write almost as much as I enjoy WRITING SOMETHING THAT WILL ACTUALLY BE BROADCASTED.

I've been dabbling with spoken word poetry for almost a year now, and I *finally* read one of my poems out loud to an audience the other day.

Well, you know me and audiences. I'm fucking hooked.

(Pardon the crassness)

((don't really, I hate censorship))

So I guess what I'm saying is that I'm developing an insatiable thirst for attention and being heard.

And, who knows, I might just learn something from the other kids. I mean, students.


What's in this for me? Well, there are a number of paths showing themselves as possibilities for my future given my strengths and weaknesses and interests and talents.

I want to explore every possibility, but I don't even know the next step.


And honestly, no ones really helping me out.

SO I'm hoping to gain a little momentum in this class to hopefully set me on a successful road.

I might just want to be an English teacher. Who knows? I'm thinking being in this class for two consecutive periods might just give me an idea of what that will be like and if it's for me.

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