Thursday, January 10, 2013


I searched through maybe 4 different websites and found NOTHING useful when I decided to give Cliffnotes a try. I thought they'd all be easy, but turns out I didn't give the site enough credit.

4. Examine the process of synthesis as it relates to Hesse's contact with Jungianism and relate its thematic influence in a selected novel.

 I thought this question was interesting, because it was not read and assess and asked a deeper question on the subject of theme.

7. What is the function of Kamala in the novel?

This question also speaks to the symbolism of a character in a novel, which I can see as more of an AP question than the others on the website.

Also, Sparknotes had some interesting essay topic suggestions.

5. Siddhartha concerns the quest for spiritual enlightenment, and by the end of it four characters have achieved this goal: Govinda, Gotama, Vasudeva, and Siddhartha. Is the enlightenment achieved by each of these characters the same? Why or why not? What distinctions and similarities exist between the paths these characters use to reach their final goal?

1. Discuss the role of the mystic utterance Om in Siddhartha. In what ways does it foreshadow Siddhartha’s spiritual progression? Is his relationship with it proactive, or reactive?

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