Monday, January 28, 2013

Dickens Map

Is how I feel right now.

So much is happening! It's the last semester! We're doing great things! The "BALL" is rolling! Not limited to, but including, this class.

So here's what I was thinking. I'm a T.A. for two classes in a row, so I'm just gonna have to read the crap out of this Dickens book whenever I get a chance. I'll have to read it back stage, too, since this is Tech Week for Busybody at the Santa Maria Civic Theater. (WE OPEN FRIDAY AND RUN ALL MONTH ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY STARTING AT 7) Finishing this book isn't what I'm scared of. 

also, here are the 5 questions. I found them on Hayden Robel's blog, which I subscribe to. If I had time to do this earlier I would have found different ones, but it's late, and someone else already gave me a source. Here is a link to his blog.

Last, to demonstrate what we have learned, I think an AP style essay would be be best. My class mates might hate me for that....but come on. It will help us practice for the AP test, provide in class discussion, and more post opportunities on the blog. That way the blogging world can SEE our work. Oh, and peer editing. That's always a good thing.

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