Saturday, April 27, 2013

Essay 1

Edgar Alan Poe and H.D. both chose Helen of Troy as a topic for a poem. Helen was not native to either time period of the aforementioned poet but she inspired so much lore that they drew upon stories of her for inspiration. It is fascinating how such similar subject matter can project unto such unique yet similar works. The style is very contrasting between the poems.
Poe’s “To Helen” takes a more personal approach to the subject. Using words like “you” and “to me” makes it seem like Poe is directly addressing the woman. H.D. on the other hand takes a third person stance by using “Greece” as the subject of many of the movements.
Poe also talks about her positive traits like she is a Goddess. H.D, on the other hand, has a harsher tone that reflects on how when she is feeling negatively all of Greece feels negatively to. H.D. focuses on the darker aspects of her existence, while Poe is writing a love letter. H.D. uses diction such as “reviled”, “hated” and “funeral”. Perhaps in his poem Greece is jealous of her beauty.

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